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Login Facebook Without Email or Phone Number

Hi friends how are you
Hope you are fine And this will be good in the future.

Today I am presenting you with an important and simple tip.

The tips are how we enter our Facebook account without email and phone number.

Because we are many, those who forget Facebook's email and phone numbers remember the Butt password. As a result, we can not access our Facebook account. So today's tips for them.

First, you will go to your Facebook profile through your friends account, after copying the Custom Url from above. That means www.facebook.com/mostofa.farabi just copy the last part (mostofa.farabi) from here. (Like the image below)

Then again, enter Facebook and paste your customized URL url-paste in the email or phone. And login with password.
You will see your Facebook has been run.

Those who do not have to set a custom url on Facebook

Many of them do not have a custom url set on the Facebook account.

If you do not have a custom Url account, they will go to your Facebook profile from your friend's account, after going to copy the profile id from above. (And until then) like the picture below.

Then enter Facebook again and login with your profile id and password.

If you have problems understanding the post then work on the video. (Video has details.)

How To Login Facebook Without Email Or Phone Number.

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